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Our company

RAMPART is the publishing house of “Mordraud”, and the Producer of “Mordraud, the Movie”. We are a very young italian Start-Up, with a big product in our hand. But we are also very open-minded toward any other kind of stuff: have you got a good idea, but you don’t know how to pursue it? Need help to develop business projects? Are you searching for powerful scripts for your marketing campaign? Maybe we can help you.


RAMPART di Gori Maria Alice & c. s.a.s.
via Angelo Cicognani, 8
48123 Ravenna (RA), Italy
Phone: +39.334.99.88.076
p.iva (VAT): IT02474580392


Writer, screenplayer, project coordinator


Artist, thinker, boss


Creative, visual, connections


Driver, craftsman, solver

Our specialties

  • video ideation & production
  • comunication projects
  • publishing good stories
  • creative and innovative projects

Why choose us?

  • italian creativity at its best
  • skilled to solve various kind of problem
  • hungry and angry
  • we get blood from turnips


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